Floating in Precision: Lexi Hoback and the Zgat Academy

DK Hair's Education Director and Senior Stylist,  Lexi Hoback, recently traveled to Zagreb, Croatia to attend a precision cutting class by the Zgat Academy.  In this piece, Lexi discusses why she attended this particular class, what she learned, and how Croatia inspired her.  

What was the class in Croatia? Who organized it? 

I attended the precision cutting class by the Zgat academy, a school and salon located in Zagreb, Croatia.  It was a 3 day course focused on precision hair cutting.  Every section was checked and analyzed and critiqued to see how it could be improved.  

Why was this class important to attend?

Self-development.  I learned to cut hair at DK but find it incredibly important to seek out other education.   I am constantly working on cultivating my eye to see things in a new and fresh way.  

What did you learn? How do you approach cutting differently?

We weren't taught a particular look or the latest trends.  This class was about improving and applying all techniques used in creating a haircut.  It was great to really slow down and focus on how the hair lays, moves, and should be cut.

I approach cutting differently by introducing sitting while doing the perimeter of the haircut or as needed. By doing this, I can look directly at my section and see how my work is progressing.     

How were your classmates? Were they mostly locals or internationals?

The classes are small so the educators can go over each student's work.  The classmates were from all over the globe: Holland, Canada, and Slovenia.  Mid-week we were joined by two stylists from Atlanta.

How did your time in Croatia inspire you?

Besides the amazing educators/owners Mario and Ivana Zgat, I would say floating in the Adriatic Sea with my best friend and absorbing the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik was truly inspiring.  I feel grateful for all that I've seen and how far I've come and love knowing that there is still so much to explore and learn.    

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